17 October 2019


09:15Opening & Word of Welcome

On-grid track

Session 4 - Minigrid Session


  • The role of minigrids in achieving universal electrification
  • Market overview and outlook
  • Finance structures for minigrids

10:15Minigrid-goals and how to meet them?

  • 200,000 mini-grids to meet the needs of 450 million people
  • Towards a unified Results-Based Financing mechanism
  • Unlocking Private Capital for Mini-Grids

Off-grid track

Session 4 - Emerging business and technology

10:00Productive use of technologies, emerging business and technology

The needs of the consumer continue to evolve and rise in the energy ladder. In the productive use helm, the consumer buying process is different depending on the purpose of purchase.

  • What are the consumer financing needs in the Productive Use Technologies sphere?
  • Are investors structuring their investments differently as they look into this segment of the market?
11:00 AM BREAK

Session 5 - Solar Incubator

11:55Solar Incubator

Session 5 - Closing the pioneer gap

11:55Path to profitability, lessons learned

Lessons from pioneer leading companies in solar in West Africa

  • What is profitability in our sector. Have companies attained profitability, even in some markets?
  • Journey and lessons to profitability
  • Charting new paths for early stage companies to attain profitability more efficiently

Session 6 - Closing Session

14:15Closing panel - What's next for Africa's solar industry?

  • Solar 3.0 - innovations to take us to the next level (floating and micro-grid)
  • How to match the growing demand?
  • Expectations, catalysts, barriers - Predictions for 2020

15:00Closing remarks

15:15Incubator award ceremony


17:00 DRINKS