16 October 2019


09:15Word of welcome - Opening session

09:45African solar entrepreneurs - Success stories

  • Best practices and key-learnings of local solar entrepreneurs
  • Seizing opportunities in fast moving markets
  • Building capacity and attracting finance
10:40 AM BREAK

On-grid track

Session 1 - Pushing solar to scale

11:30On-grid Analysis - Developments & Hurdles to scale

  • Leading markets and their driving factor
  • Overview of key-players and potential entrants
  • Expectations for the short and medium term

11:50Allowing more renewables on the grid

  • Storage the missing link to deal with intermittency?
  • Enhanced interconnection and coordination for power exchange
  • Towards regular and reliable energy at competitive cost

Off-grid track

Session 1 - The role of public funding

11:30The role of public funding in financing business, innovation and growth

Countries have leveraged the use of public funds to grow into difficult markets or launch R&D for newer products. Subsidy programs have been on the increase in various countries

  • Examples where public funding has a catalytic effort to spur market growth?
  • Public funding stimulating private capital flows into economies?

Session 2 - Finance Session

14:15Best practice sovereign funds

  • Sovereign funds experience in solar
  • Insights in project finance structures
  • The impact on national economy and local private equity growth

14:30Finance innovation panel

  • Emergence of PPP-schemes
  • Blended & commercial finance
  • Perceived risk vs. actual risk

Session 2 - Regional focus

14:15Closing the pioneer gap. Lessons from early stage financers.

Dedicated early stage funds for investments in solar.

More money than ever is flowing into impact investing, yet many entrepreneurs creating companies that serve the poor still find it difficult to raise capital, particularly at the early stages of their company’s growth.

  • What financing is needed for early stage companies vs what financing is available?
  • What is the motivation for investors to focus on early stage companies vs mature companies?
15:15 PM BREAK

Session 3 - The next frontiers

16:15C&I panel

  • Solar for businesses, driving factors
  • The main bottlenecks and how to overcome
  • Insights from best practices

16:55The African Countries Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) enters into force

  • Outlook on the changes in the legal landscape
  • Implications for the African solar industry
  • Seizing this opportunity

Session 3 - The next frontiers

16:15What's next in Debt Funding

The changing debt funding landscape

Different industry leaders have different perceptions of debt: Some believe there is flight of debt while others believe there is a saturation of debt

  • What is the cost of debt funding and is this cost increasing or reducing?
  • Which companies face abundance of debt and which companies face depletion of debt?
  • Emergence of debt crowd-funding platforms, and their demand in the sector
  • Can commercial debt play a role in debt funding with the inclusion of contingents for collateral?
17:15 Waterside cocktail drinks and dinner