Sustainable Solar E-Waste Management:
Best Practices for the Off-Grid Solar Sector

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Tuesday October 15 - 9AM-12PM

Recent advancements in pay-as-you-go technology has enabled solar home system (SHS) companies to increase energy access in unelectrified communities at an unprecedented rate. During this period of rapid growth, the sector is working to ensure that its sales channels across East and West Africa are leaving behind a positive legacy for rural customers for decades to come.

Please join us for an interactive workshop on sustainable solar e-waste management and emerging battery technologies for the off-grid solar industry. This workshop will present findings from a research study led by the Resilient Africa Network (RAN), in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley, the University of Dakar, and funded by USAID, as part its commitment to the Scaling Off-Grid Energy Grand Challenge for Development (SOGE).
The workshop will include an announcement by
CLASP and RANon an upcoming Global LEAP Solar E-Waste Challenge call for proposals, focused on sustainable product design and battery management for the off-grid solar sector.