ESI AFRICA - In West Africa, the Nigerian federal government honours its pledge of promoting solar energy by approving an entry price for solar power stations.

The Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trading Company (NBET) has finally reached an agreement with solar developers, endorsing $11.5 cents down from $23 cents per kWh for solar energy sale price.

A team of solar developers comprising 14 pioneers are collectively expected to generate 1,125MW of electricity, which will be distributed to the grid through a stepped down transmission network to enable them to minimise levels of transmission losses, reports local media This Day.

NBET managing director Waziri Bintube said: “Working in concert with our advisers, NBET developed a form solar PPA to be used in negotiations with these solar power developers. In the course of negotiations, NBET made it quite clear from the on-set that it was not ready to offer any developer the MYTO II tariff as published by NERC."

He added: “By early 2015, after protracted negotiations and aggressive price discovery on the part of NBET, consensus was reached around a wholesale solar tariff of 23 cents per kWh. The general elections of 2015 and the attendant anxieties led to a lull in the industry.”


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