ACCESS POWER - We are delighted to announce the shortlisted candidates for the 2016 US$7 million Access Co-Development Facility (ACF), a support mechanism for renewable energy projects in Africa.

The five shortlisted projects selected from a record-breaking 96 project applications are based in Niger, Nigeria, Kenya, Madagascar and Sierra Leone. Each shortlisted project developer will now be invited to the Africa Energy Forum in London on the 22nd June to present their project to a panel of expert judges for a chance to win a share the US$7 million prize.

The judges will select up to three winners based on the commercial, technical and environmental merits of each project, as well as the local regulatory environment, and capability of the project team.

The five shortlisted projects:

20 Megawatt solar project in Niger
Location: Gazaoua Town
Offtaker: Niger National Electric Power Company
Developer: Tessa Power

25 Megawatt solar project in Sierra Leone
Location: Bo
Offtaker: Electricity Distribution & Supply Authority
Developer: AGES PLC

50 Megawatt wind project in Nigeria
Location: Lagos
Offtaker: Nigeria Bulk Electricity Trading Company
Developer: Mentach Energy

40 Megawatt Solar project in Kenya
Location: NakuruOfftaker: Kenya Power and Lighting Company
Offtaker: Kenya Power and Lighting Company
Developer: Astonfield Sosian Solar Ltd

25 Megawatt hybrid (Hydro & Solar) project in Madagascar
Location: Talaviana
Offtaker: Jirama State Owned Utility Company
Developer: Stucky Ltd

ACF 2016 is a competition designed to provide local power project developers and originators in Africa with the technical experience, expertise and funding required to bring their renewable energy projects to life. Following the competition’s successful launch last year, the ACF increased its funding from US$5m in 2015 to US$7m for this year’s winners.

The 2016 edition of the ACF saw unprecedented participation with a 75% increase in applications from the inaugural ACF 2015. Submissions came from 25 different African countries, a 40% annual uplift in the number of countries involved, with 95% of the projects submitted came from Sub-Saharan Africa, a key growth area for Access Power. In total, 44% of the projects submitted came from the continent’s least developed countries (as per the OECD’s DAC list), in line with the Company’s stated intention to bring power to those in Africa who need it most.

All major renewable energy technologies were represented in the ACF 2016, underscoring the appeal of the ACF as a platform for catalysing power projects across all major technologies for both grid connected and off grid project developers. Still, a review of the submissions suggests solar energy remains the preferred renewable energy technology among entrepreneurs and power project developers in Africa, accounting for 45% of projects received.

Kenya and Tanzania’s participation in ACF more than doubled from last year, driven by the improving regulatory environment and appetite for small-scale project tenders. The number of entries from Senegal increased more than any other country, potentially energized by a recent influx of funds from DFIs to support renewable programs.


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